Castle Grove ELC Newsletter . January - June 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians

Welcome to our newsletter for January to May of 2019.

It's hard to believe that we are already half way through this year! So far this year we have been so busy exploring a ton of wonderfully interesting topics and can't wait to continue doing so for the next six months as well.

We thought we'd just briefly update you on everything we've learned about this year so far as well as a little sneak peek into what we still have to look forward to.


Unfortunately, due to medical reasons and family responsibilities Miss Chandi has had to step down from her role at Castle Grove . We wish her all the best, hope she is feeling better soon enough to return.


We‘re proud to be a munch & move service , encouraging healthy eating habits, active lifestyles & limited screen time. These posters outline some tips & tricks into carrying these practices into other areas of life.


So far this year we have engaged in the ELLA programme reflective of Japanese language and culture. We have explored four of the seven apps so far (learning about greetings, colours , foods and numbers!) and look forward to still exploring body parts, shapes, actions & more in the coming months.



We learned about baby animals & how to care for pets. Miss Jodie brought her puppy in for a little play date and we learned about how to walk dogs with the leash!

We also celebrated harmony day with our friends as we dressed up, reflected on and learned about many cultures from around the world.

We also reflected on the importance of National Reconciliation Week and learned about elements of Indigenous Australian culture!

Most recently we were inspired by a spontaneous interaction between two of our boys to focus some time learning about Currency & Trade . We learned about money from all over the world , different methods of buying and selling (store bought, auction, online, trading) and also the Values of Australian money!

Air Travel discussions were super exciting as we called on our inner inventors to create little models of various types of aircraft. We also reflected on ‘flying machines in nature’ and how Birds & Butterflies modelled the concepts which creative thinking people used in their discoveries and inventions of the aircrafts we know today!


It‘s been a fun filled year and it‘s only just half way past! We still have tons of learning to look forward to, including :

Air Travel

Light & Shadows



Friendship and more

Wishing a Warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our following children during the next school term :

Aurellia 7 June

Aiza 15 July

Ryder 13 August

Samhita 20 August


7 - 14 July NAIDOC WEEK

1 September FATHER’S DAY

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