CBCA BOOK WEEK 2018 'Find Your Treasure'

This week has been all about BOOKS and the magical treasures which can be found within! As a life long book lover it is super exciting to be sharing (and re-visiting) such a wonderful collection of classics and educational lessons from some beautiful pieces of children's literature. Here's a little visual diary of our interesting week exploring books and literature and their wonderful hidden treasures.

Monday ( Day 1)

On Monday we started off our 'Book Week' by making a little book of our own, inspired by the 'Collection of Children's Funny Poems' book that Miss Chai See brought to share with us we read as a group, we used our craft activity to create a funny book of our own entitled, 'My Favourite Fruit'. We put our fine motor skills to use as we cut out pictures of fruits to add to our picture books, and then further tools and creativity in completing our creative masterpieces.

Tuesday (Day 2)

On Tuesday , we discovered a story about a beautiful creature: The PEACOCK. We used paper cutouts and colourful sequins to create our very own fan-tailed peacock for craft, Inspired by the book 'The Peacock and the Avichchiya (Robin) '. It is a folk story originating in the Sinhalese community and in a beautiful way shares their creative genius and lessons about their ways of life in the traditional village. This story also presented opportunity for us to explore our multicultural community further, and learn some phrases in the Sinhalese language.

Wednesday (Day 3)

By Wednesday it was time to revisit a childhood classic, that of the POLAR EXPRESS. We enjoyed a mega-sized group activity using recycled tissue boxes (and other materials) to create a very long 'Polar Express' of our own. We used a recycled paper towel roll to form the 'chimney' (releasing the smoke from the engine room) on the front carriage of our train, and used paper circles and pop sticks to represent the wheel mechanisms on each carriage of the train. Later once the glue had dried we took turns painting parts of the train making it 'black as the night' as pictured in the story book from which we were inspired.

In group time we read an aged copy of this timeless Christmas classic, we loved the journey it took us on to the north pole and look forward to watching the movie on a rainy day sometime in the future to enjoy seeing this magical story brought to life.

Thursday (Day 4)

We had the most wonderful fun this morning with an extremely fitting surprise experience Miss Chandi had organised for us. First our morning started with decorating a 'treasure box' inline with the 'Find Your Treasure' theme of this years Book Week. We then used recycled packing peanuts and cellophane paper to make some 'gems' to fill our box with ... having purple , green and red gems we learned their names are respectively 'Amethyst' , 'Emerald' and 'Ruby' .

Later in group time we found out that our teachers had hidden our treasure box, and we were to use a 'treasure map' and 'compass' to find it within the classroom. We worked well as a team to quickly discover this bountiful treasure and what was to come? Even further surprises. We were each to be rewarded with our very own treasure.

We played a game of 'Pass the Parcel' with our treasure box each having a turn to reveal our surprise treasure when the music stopped with the box in our hold. Instructions were to take the item placed on the very top as we opened the box. What would our delightful treasure be? A specially selected new reading book for us to keep!

Friday (Day 5)

On Friday there was one element we had still not explored , that of 'AUDIOBOOKS' . Miss Jodie brought an entertaining audiobook (along with the corresponding hardcopy) entitled, 'Shaggy Dog and the terrible itch. We looked at the book, and used recycled materials to create our own funny looking 'shaggy dog' character with a fuzzy pom-pom nose, and then in group time practiced our listening skills as we focused on listening to the Audio version of the story complete with supplementary music and sound effects to bring even more life to the story.

We've had a lot of fun adventuring with a variety of unique characters through an array of interesting stories in some unusual settings! We look forward to countless more journeys through literature for many years to come!

x o x o x o

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