Do you have vacancies?

This of course depends on the various times of the year, as children move around. 

We should be able to make arrangements to suit your childcare needs. Fill out a contact form to get in touch & we'll be able to give you more information.

How much are your fees?

Our fees are currently AU $95 per day. * Please note that this is subject to change. 

Centrelink rebates also apply and will vary per family circumstances.

What do we need to send with our child to school ?

Each day your child should bring a piece of fruit (to be sliced and shared over morning & afternoon tea)

Also a backpack containing a change of clothes, sun hat any personal required items & nappies (when necessary)

What is Montessori?

It's a method of education established by Italian professor and psychologist, Dr Maria Montessori. It is an extremely child focused early child hood philosophy and it's designed to help children get the most out of their stages of development as they embark on their journey of self-discovery and aim to achieve independence in their day to day life and routine.